Video Marketing Tools Bundle

Video Marketing Bundle

Video Marketing Bundle

Download A Huge Bundle of


Join the New PHEEDS Marketing Forum where you will find a vast selection of marketing information, tools, shortcuts, tutorials, tips and more than you are likely to find anywhere else on the internet.

You can start off with 91 Niche Video Spokespeople Videos. These are professional spokes people who will introduce almost every local business service 

Check Out All the Info-Packed Modules in Your PowerPoint

Find more than 1800 chalk board images on 18 different categories all designed to enhance any presentation

Get A MASSIVE collection of still and animated character sets that will stir the emotions in your viewers

Lose yourself in the amazing collection that is PowerPoint Paradise and as a special bonus you will get the PowerPoint Custom Character Kit . This is a tutorial showing how to turn PowerPoint into your own Mascot Making Machine.

In addition you will find over 200 novelty backgrounds for your videos, articles, presentations etc.

Plus over 150 animal images with transparent backgrounds for you to add to whatever background you wish.

The list goes on and on with so much more content, just follow the link below or click the image above to see it all.

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